Welcome to Steffi Sorensen Fitness


Hello all! I’ve decided to take on the blog world and talk about my fitness life online to give those who are interested a look at what I do on a weekly basis.

I’ve been asked by some for tips, advice, guidance on working out and dieting and everything else in between so I figured why not take it public. If it benefits some, thats terrific.

Just a general bio of me for those who do not know who the hell they are reading about and why the hell they should listen to me. I was a former college athlete at the University of Florida, and I competed professionally overseas for basketball until ultimately moving on with my life where I have been privately training men and women for the last 2 years while pursuing my broadcasting career with ESPN. Not to mention discovering my own fitness journey along the way.

Now…Do I have some glamorous degree in health and exercise science? No. I was a telecommunication management major. Do I have a fancy highly acclaimed certification that took me years to study for? Well…no. So why should you hear me out? Because personal experiences are not learned in a book, they are lived. And thats all she wrote….I’ve been there, i’ve done it. So lets do it. Want some fancy wording and stuff you wont understand…read another blog.


Truth be told. I look a little different than I did back in college when I was an athlete competing. Bigger truth…I weighed exactly the same then as I do now. *WHAT!


People think once I got out of college I must of gotten on something CRAY CRAY because I was more muscular…And the answer is no, cheating is for the weak, I don’t like it, in fact I despise it, getting real and natural results just requires a tremendous amount of dedication and knowledge…And those secrets and tips will be shared via this fitness blog.


2009 (see below)

wbb2013 (see below)photo-1So why do I look more muscular and tone now…even though I weigh the exact same in the picture before? This will be the first basic lesson of this blog:



Getting the body you want essentially evolves around 3 things: Dieting, Lifting weights, and Cardiovascular exercise..IF all three of those cylinders are clicking you are in business. But, easier said than done right? Have you ever fallen into one of these sayings?


  • My diet sucks…but I train really hard! 
  • I  barely eat anything and do lots of cardio! 
  • I lift a lot but can’t seem to find the motivation to do cardio! 

It’s okay if you have, we all have. Stop lying to yourself. My diet used to SUCK…but I worked really hard. But, I know now you can never out train a bad diet. And then really it’s just a matter of all three of those parameters coming together to get that dream body. It gets complicated because dieting is an entirely different ballgame, weight lifting gets tricky, and cardio can be boring and stupid if you’re not doing it correctly, and what types? theres so many types! its hard not to get lost, and hard to get started.

Which is why i’m starting this blog. When I got out of college, I was like….what…do…I…do….now? With a couple years under my belt training others and myself along with the years of training I spent most of my life to be a professional athlete, I have gathered a tremendous amount of knowledge about fitness and want to share it with those who are interested. People of all kinds of goals, all kinds of reasons to get started or to keep going, or just to be entertained damnit. I will get into more specific topics within the next few days but thought it would be proper to at least introduce myself!

Train hard, be happy.

Steffi Sorensen

Steffi Sorensen Fitness

Steffi Sorensen Fitness


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