Body Types. What kind are you?

So, first of all..determining what body type you are is the starting point to your fitness foundation. Please notice I said body TYPE…not body shape. Shapes i’ll leave to cosmopolitan magazine and all the pear apple orange shit they come up with, this is the bottom line.female-body-types2

IF you look at the 3 types above, let me first explain and excuse my profanity but this will be the best way to describe the types of bodies out there.

  1. Skinny bitches (ectomorphs)
  2. Perfect bitches (mesomorphs) 
  3. Thick bitches (endomorphs)

(I just laughed. at myself.)

Let me give you some examples of each body type so you can determine yours and then we can figure out what your weaknesses and strengths are based on  how you’re built.

victoria-secret-models-1050x1680-1Ectomorphs (above picture) aka the skinny bitches can get away with doing less cardio, less strict eating, because well they are just naturally skinny. Most models are technically classified as this body type. Long, lean and narrow. We all know a few of these, and most females hate the ecto’s, but everyone wants what they can’t have. I’m an ectomorph and I struggle adding weight to my thin frame, and I have to lift like a man child just to add a little muscle to my body. Poor me. Help me im an ectomoprh. I know you have little sympathy out there. But, there is an upside and a downside to every body type. Skinny bitches looking to be more muscular will struggle unless they tailor their training to adapt to their specific body type, but also don’t have to slave away on the cardio machines either. Which is why knowing what type you are is so crucial.

E! And Ciroc Present The E! 20th Anniversary Party Celebrating Two Decades Of Pop Culture - Red Carpetjustsweet-jennifer-lopezLets say you googled, endormorph, as I just did…the first two people that are going to come up are the curvy J-lo and Kim K. See, the endomorphs get a bad wrap because they retain fat more so than the skinny and perfect body types, so they are labeled THICK. Ohhh! Thick, some people embrace that word, and some people are stigmatized by it. Endomoprhs have to bust their backsides to diet hard, and do plenty of extra cardio to keep off unwanted fat cells. However, they have an ass…and well I don’t have one like Kim K. Like I said everyone wants what they cant have. If this is you, cardio and dieting are going to play a huge role in your success. Weights will be good as well, but based on this body type and speed of metabolism, not looking to necessarily max out okkk…

images-2Unknownimages-1Now these assholes are the ideal body type. The mesmorphs. The mesmerizing ones. They can lose weight quickly, hold muscle well, are naturally built, and carry an athletic type looking body. Look at me jogging casually with my sculpted body, and Jillian Michaels who basically put fitness on the map for women, and then if you are a man, and don’t desire to look like you could be cast for the 300 movie…well then, thats just besides the point.

That being said, its not like they just naturally look cut and jacked all at the same time. Gerard Butler did have to pick up a few dumbbells to look like he did in 300. They still have to work hard. But it comes easier than the ecto’s and endo’s. This lingo is getting a tad bit weird…anyway…Meso’s respond best to cardio and weight training and a good diet is necessary because they may be more susceptible to weight gain easier than ectomorphs.

Now as I have gone over the three types of bodies out there…and you’re looking at me like this funnylike I DONT KNOW WHICH ONE I AM. Maybe you’re a combination, ok. Thats fine, lets get the basics underway, being a combo is great. You will discover your body and how it responds to certain activities as you continue along your fitness path.

I will break each one down within this week to give people a chance to fully understand what your body responds to and what it needs to achieve YOUR ideal look.

That being said, anyone reading this can take the poll?

Thats all for now.

Train Hard, be happy.

Steffi Sorensen Fitness

Steffi Sorensen Fitness


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