Endomorph Golden Guidelines

Hello All, hope you enjoyed the previous article on body types. I think recognizing what body type you have is so important to understand how you specifically need to work out and eat. Not everyone can work out the same way and get the same results. 

Let us quickly go back and check out again the various body types. But as of today I am covering specifically the kim k’s of the world. Let’t not freak out if this is you ok…*sigh…i’m an endomorph, I hate it. No, not here, i’m going to help you change your mindset. Plus, Kim K is one of the most desirable females in the country. She owns that. Why can’t you? We should just label endomorphs kardashians for todays blog. Done. body shape 564326_404505512949629_168499808_nWho pointed to the middle one and said “bastards?” Ha. Moving on….Lets focus on the Kardashian body and how to train it. According to my poll results 50% of you out there fall under this body structure. So this is important to my readers.

First: and MOST importantly is DING DING DING 

DietIf you just said EW. So did I. I strongly despise the world diet. Diet seems so restrictive, like oh I can’t i’m on a diet, “I really wanna lose three lbs”……and then everyone gasps. Let’s leave that bullshit for Regina George. 

What we are doing, what i’m trying to teach is just recognizing what our body responds to best, and then eating those foods. It’s not a diet by any means, it’s giving your body what it needs to be successful. Even though, if you’re like me and I have random moments when I shout out I WANT CANDY COOKIES CAKE ICE CREAM, because thats what I think my body needs, its not…and over time when you start to eliminate these types of foods from what you actually consume, you will crave them less and less. True story. Eating a donut is no longer the same.

So… WTF does a Kardashian eat?

I found this graphic which is helpful because I want to showcase percentagesendomorph eating planKardashian’s meet protein, they are about to become your best friend. As you can see a specific ughhh gag’..”diet plan” is based on percentages. 50 percent of your foods are received from protein, 30% from good carbs, and 20% from fats. FYI fats don’t make you fat, they really got SCREWED with that label.

Most kardashians don’t typically respond well to a high level of carbohydrates, some tailor their percentages to 40% protein, 30%carbs 30%fats… The true importance is immediately upping your protein and watching what carbs you’re eating and also the emphasis of healthy fats. One gram of protein per lb of body weight is ideal for active people. There is this crazy theory that women should not eat a lot of protein. I had a client tell me her my fitness pal app programmed into her diet that she needed a mere 60grams of protein. SAY WHATTT. Is it….that they think women might get a deeper voice or look like a man…listen here, I eat so much protein and my voice is higher than Justin Bieber before he hit puberty ok. It’s a myth and it aids in weight loss.

Also, it is important that you eat frequently. There is also this myth that people think eating more frequently is going to make them gain weight. You will find that it’s actually hard to eat 6-7 meals a day. Due to the fact that Kardashians have by nature a slower metabolism, eating more frequently with the right foods will help boost metabolism, which helps burn fat. Heyoo, who’s down for that?

NEXT: and just as important is  —> C A R D I O 

cardio-workoutWho hates cardio…please not all at once.

I would say 7% of the population enjoys cardio. Consistent cardio that is. Every now and then people love a nice long jog for some clarity, sure. Oh yeah CARDIO, posts a pic on instagram of the damage they did. Ok but seriously…how often are we doing that? Kardashian’s meet your step sister, Cardio. She will always be apart of your life and maybe you hate her, maybe somedays you tolerate her, either way she is family and it’s important to take care of family.

Our goal is to burn fat as endomorphs because we just store it more than most. So what I recommend for that is HIIT cardio training. High intensity interval training. Sprints, stairs,  prowler sleds, tires, or running. If your limitations prevent you from running, there are plenty of HIIT workouts out there that are lower impact. At least 20-30 minutes of this a day, maybe 5 times a week. Gahhh, I know don’t shoot the messenger, cardio is just part of maintaining and unfortunately kardashians cant afford many days off from it. No horizontal running.  IMG_3951photoUnknown




Lastly and finally…today is a long winded post, but I really want to help guide people in the right direction.

The last category is—> WEIGHT LIFTING




For endomorphs your bodies are built to lift heavy shit. I envy you. That being said don’t pick up the 10s and start doing some curls. Circut training is something I really think bodes well for Kardashians. Keep your body in constant movement, minimal rest, you can lift heavy weights, just don’t gather around the water fountain in between sets. 3-4 days of lifting weights is optimal. I cant get into different splits for workout designs just yet because thats an entirely different story. But you get the point.

A combination of all three of these is a beautiful thing. Embrace the curves, learn what works for you, and don’t stress over what you hate so much. I understand not settling for a certain look, but stress increases cortisol levels, which well adds to weight gain. It’s a vicious cycle.

So i’m challenging you to BREAK THAT CYCLE

Train Hard, Be Happy

Steffi Sorensen Fitness

Steffi Sorensen Fitness


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